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How to start up a Fairy Garden buisness?

I am a nurseryman of 32 years, and looking to retire in about 10 years, I would like to research the art of "Fairy Gardening" from growing the plants that would be put in them, looking for list of growers of these plants, finding a wholesale fairy garden furniture provider, containers etc. Also a lead to someone to give tips on the start up plan, and marketing. This would be a project for me to start at my home and a personal buisness. Any help would be appreciated.


Decatur County GA over 7 years ago

Large fig bush all leaves have fallen off

We have a mature fig tree bush style in backyard, was fully covered with green leaves and produced large amount of fruit but it's early August and now it's totally bare, looks like it's dead. Should it have lost all leaves this time of year?


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Decatur County GA almost 4 years ago

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