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How to prune a fruit tree that’s far from perfect

I’m new to pruning but, even though I consider myself a handy guy, have trouble deciding what to prune on less than perfect trees. All the pruning instructions I’ve read give perfect tree examples. They show clipping cross branches, cracked/damaged branches, keeping the main trunk branches, etc. It seems so easy and so obvious. Then I look at this pear tree, which has been neglected for years, and scratch my head. I don’t know where to start or what to do. Would it be easy to draw some lines on this photo showing recommended cuts? That would be so helpful! Or perhaps recommend better instructions that deal with trees like this and trees that have been topped. These types of tree pruning stump me! :-)

Also, Is it recommended to prune cherry trees (last photo)?

Thank you


Pear_tree_1_300x300%2523 Pear_tree_2_300x300%2523 Cherry_tree_300x300%2523

Columbia County GA over 4 years ago

Possibly deer ate the center

I planted 15 leyland cypress trees across the front of my property two years ago. At the time of planting the trees were about three feet tall. Last year I found three of my tree centers were all bald and stripped looking. My dad said it was from deer eating the needles off. I did cut the centers out of the trees at the beginning of spring this year. The rest of trees are continuing to grow but no new center has emerged. Am I fighting the inevitable? Will the center ever come back or should I replace these trees?


Img_20181030_100755_300x300%2523 Img_20181030_100738_300x300%2523

Columbia County GA almost 2 years ago

Mole crickets

My lawn service told me I had mole crickets, yes I have brown spots in the front yard. I mixed up dish dish soap, 3-5 tsp to a gallon and poured over the brown spots. The only thing that came up was earth worms. Is it possible for mole crickets only feed on 1 yard in the neighborhood since all other yards around me look healthy or do they jump from yard to yard causing havoc in several yards in close proximity. The sun is out today and the temp in the high 70's and since I tried the soap and water with no mole crickets is it time to get a new lawn service, or can the mole crickets still be to early. Thanks!


Columbia County GA over 4 years ago

Old leaves on sago

Do you cut off last years palms when new ones come in?


Columbia County GA about 3 years ago

Dogwood health

Good morning,
I have a dogwood that I've been cultivating for almost 25 years. It's always been healthy until this year. Dead blooms are still hanging on when all my other dogwood trees have dropped their's weeks ago. Leaves don't look healthy and canopy of tree isn't as full as usual. No visible problems with trunk or branches. I've done a little research and the closest disease match I can find seems to be Spot Anthracnose. Please see attached pics, let me know what you think and recommend a treatment if available. Thanks.


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Columbia County GA over 4 years ago

Small Black Bug

I found this small bug lying on the comforter on my bed, and I'm worried it might be a bed bug (although it doesn't really look like one to me). It's pretty slow and doesn't seem to be able to climb or jump. It does have wings, though. It has small white-ish markings/dots on its side. What type of bug is this? Why is it here? And what can I do to remove it?


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Columbia County GA over 3 years ago


I have a small green seed looking item that has covered my pond for last two summers. I don't know what it is, but I want to get it gone. Please help!! Based on what I have seen this is Watermeal.


Columbia County GA over 7 years ago

How to trim lorapetalum and flowering dogwood tree?


Live in Augusta Ga. Have Lorapet. and two beautiful flowering dogwood trees in my yard. Wondering how far back I can hack the shrubs and how and when to groom dogwoods.

With the Dogwood trees: they are both huge. One has a few dead/dying small branches, the other has two limbs that rub and damage each other, as well as, two limbs that have grown large enough they hit my bay window. I believe both have top limbs that have run into power lines going to house. Need to know how and when to trim. I love, love, love these trees and do not want to kill them.

Also, is it true I can hack, in the winter, a holly bush (tree? 10') almost to the ground without killing it.



Columbia County GA about 5 years ago

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