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Purple Agapanthus to white in three years

My neighbor bought a purple agapanthus and saw it bloom purple for two years. This year only white blooms appeared. No purple to be seen. The plants are in clay soil in full sun by a pool. I know the offspring can come back a different color but why all white? Thanks. Judy


Colquitt County GA about 6 years ago

Bradford pear bids dry

My 2 year old Bradford pear has buds that are dry and it isn't putting on leaves. We have 2 of them and one has put on leaves and the other one has not. We water them and treat them exactly the same. We did have a cold snap after several weeks of warmer weather. Prior to the cold snap, itthe bare pear had put on buds. This one has no leaves at all.


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Colquitt County GA over 3 years ago

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