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Is this snake poop?

I found 2 Droppings (about 8 feet apart) on my deck railing this morning. I know from the white that it is either a bird or a reptile. I think it’s too large for a lizard, and it’s also strange to be so far apart. I’m thinking a snake. Any ideas?

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Cobb County GA over 1 year ago


Are there any plants in Alaska that exhibit marcescence? What are they and where would one find them? Thanks for your response.


Cobb County GA about 4 years ago

Spindle palm tree problem

Hello!I bought a spindle palm tree in the summer,around 8ft tall and planted it in a large pot. It sat on my patio until beginning of November and when the temperatures starting to go down,I put it inside.I live in zone 7. A couple of weeks before I put it in,it started to get yellow leaves. After it went inside, I put some fertilizer-Palm Gain, hoping it will help the tree. But it continued to go yellow and right now I have all of the fronds with yellow/brown leaves.I have a new stem coming out which is green. Can you please give me an advice on what to do? What did I do wrong? Should I cut the brown leaves?


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Cobb County GA almost 6 years ago

Weeping ,heath,or Norway?

I've gotten 3 answers from my pictures if the same tree. It sits in a park in Smyrna Georgia. It's a good subject for drawing.


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Cobb County GA over 4 years ago

Large orb weaver in northern Georgia

Found this fairly large spider this morning in backyard. The large orbital web is approximately 2 feet in diameter and is well anchored from a branch 7 ft above and to the grass below. Spider's body (cephalothorax and large abdomen, not including legs) is at least the size of a nickel. Legs are large and fleshy (not spiny) and are long and thick. Color is tan throughout. Spider was fairly shy, and retreated up to the branch about a minute after I approach it. Web was built overnight, as it was not there yesterday evening. Any idea what kind of spider this is?


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Cobb County GA over 5 years ago

Pencil bush?

Is this a pencil bush? What care do I need to give it? Any trimming?



Cobb County GA over 4 years ago


If you don't know say that. Don't leave me hanging because someone in some other part of the world asked about the same plant type. Isn't that the point? My question was named Weeping ,heath or Norway? You didn't even share the old answer. These pictures are of the same tree.


Img_20160516_155145_300x300%2523 Img_20160509_180701_300x300%2523 Img_20160509_175011_300x300%2523

Cobb County GA over 4 years ago

cultivar names

I am searching for names of the best cultivars of various fruits to grow in Georgia.


Cobb County GA almost 7 years ago

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