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Locating Extension office

How do I locate and contact my local office?


Clarke County GA over 7 years ago

Neighbor of Commercial poultry farm

My landlord who is also my neighbor has a commercial poultry farm approximately 500 ft from me. Can I have a few chickens of my own so I can have fresh eggs? Or is there a regulation that I can't have them on my property? Thank you, Phyllis


Clarke County GA about 5 years ago

Fungus on maple tree

We have a maple tree that has some strange growth. I think it's a fungus, however not sure. If it is a fungus, what is the best approach for treating it? Or who is the best person to help treat it?



Clarke County GA about 4 years ago

Heavy Metals in Soil

Does a document exist that identifies the toxic levels of heavy metals in soil?


Clarke County GA over 5 years ago

What is this plant?

Please identify this plant.



Clarke County GA over 4 years ago

Plant identification

Can you tell me what this is. It was in a mix of tropical succulents. Thank you, Janet Hodges



Clarke County GA about 4 years ago

Learn Events and Members of the Public

Can members of the public attend eXtension Learn events? If so, do they need an eXtension ID? Our Extension Agents would like to share Learn opportunities with their local clientele. Are all Learn events open to the public? Thanks!


Clarke County GA about 7 years ago

Survivability of Red Maples

Unfortunately, the deer ate 95 to 100 percent of the leaves on 3 of my young Red Maples. The young tender limbs are still there. Will the trees put out new leaves this year (it is now late June) and survive or will they most likely not survive? They are 3 year trees. Also, we are in sever drought (NE GA). I have been giving them about 2 gallons of water daily because of the extreme heat (high 90s). Is this too much water? Your response is greatly appreciated!!!


Clarke County GA about 4 years ago

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