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wondering what plant or flower this is

This plant has thorns. They are softer when their alive and like wood when dead or dying. No flowers are on it as of yet. No idea what it is or how to care for it. If you could identify it it would be greatly appreciated.


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Chatham County GA about 4 years ago

Plant Identification, Please?

Can someone help me out by telling me what kind of plant this is? The shop I purchased it from told me it was a fern but I can't find anything like it.



Chatham County GA almost 4 years ago

What type of tree is this?

Looking to find out what this tree is. Can you help?

The leaves are between 4 and 6 inches. Tree height is about 13 feet. Bees love this tree, they are all over it.



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Chatham County GA over 4 years ago


Some peeps plant the seeds where they dug the seng roots...yet some expert farmers says the soil around the roots is contaminated with an autotoxin for future seng seeds to grow...and that the seeds needs to be chilled in a tank for up to a year...and when do you get the seeds, the green one? the red one? what about the flesh about the seed? and fertilizers? what kind? and do the seeds come up every year? the green ones, the red ones? which one u choose for best growth potential? do u need a permit to harvest the wild seng? finally, while u dig them seng, legally and all...and some dude try to jack ur stash...what is the law if u shoot dude dead to protect your stash?


Chatham County GA over 5 years ago

Name of bug

I cant find this in any of my books. Could you please help me with the name?



Chatham County GA over 3 years ago


Planted in one of Savannah's squares under live oaks. May be an annual? Full shade.


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Chatham County GA almost 5 years ago

Can you I'd this plant? Is it a weed?

Can you I'd this plant? Is it a weed?



Chatham County GA over 5 years ago

Cactus Name?

Hi, my mom just recently bought some succulents and there's this one plant that I'm really curious about since its different then the others. What's the species name? It has a main stem that branches off into these other stems that on the end branch off into c recent like leaves.



Chatham County GA over 4 years ago

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