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Accepts questions from anywhere.

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Points will stick me. Hurts!

Grows year around.

3°-104° in my yard temps.

Will stick the crap out of you. Lol.

My friends & family hate this plant

bc they run into it when they dont pay attention !

...but in Winter it's a survivor.


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Lee County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Time to sow seeds, but heavy rains coming

I am in Alabama and looking to direct sow seeds into my vegetable garden. One problem - we are expecting 5-6.5 inches of rain over the next two weeks. While there are dry days in there that I could potentially sow, I am concerned about too much moisture rotting my seeds. How much rain is too much rain for newly sown seeds? If I wait until after this rainy spell, I am concerned that it might be getting too late in the season for certain vegetables. I could start the seeds indoors and transplant later but I would rather avoid transplanting if I can.


Lee County Alabama about 1 year ago

foxtail grass and cows

what treatment can i do for cows that have eaten foxtail grass and are now drooling all the time


Lee County Alabama over 2 years ago

Lustrous Creeping Red Fescue

I have a heavy shaded rear lawn and the meyer zoysia planted 8 years ago is almost non existance. What is your opoin of using Lustrous Creeping Red Fescue in East Central Alabama and how do you think it will blend into my side yard with the meyer zoysia?


Lee County Alabama about 5 years ago

Can you tell me why the trunk of this weeping mulberry is splitting? It is 14...

Can you tell me why the trunk of this weeping mulberry is splitting? It is 14 years old and been moved twice. It's been in present location 2 years. We treated it for fungus this last summer. We are in zone 7a and haven't had any big swings in temperature this season.



Lee County Alabama over 6 years ago

How can we rid our home of fruit flies?

I have thrown out all plants. Put bananas in a bag. Left potatoes, onions, and tomatoes outside. How to I keep these pesky flies that come in on fruit & veggies out of my home and still have fresh fruit & vegetables?


Lee County Alabama almost 6 years ago


I have piglets that are 9 days old 4 of them started losing their hair at the base of their ears and down their back, this kind of looks like mange on a dog, they may also have a loose stool. I have lost these 4 , the other 8 look healthy but I' m afraid something is going on and I will loose the others the mother seems to be healthy. Any idea what's going on. I don' t want to loose the rest of them!



Lee County Alabama almost 8 years ago

Caterpillar Problem

Can anyone Identify what type of caterpillar is attacking my friends saw tooth oak?



Lee County Alabama over 4 years ago

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