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Raining black widow spiders

I saw a post of someone in Arizona who said it was raining black widow spiders, I have a very similar problem. In Southeastern Georgia, adjacent to the Okefenokee Swamp, I find dead, almost mature, black widow spiders on my concrete patio. Living in the woods I know where to find them easy enough but this is getting ridiculous, it’s like they are rising from the dead to scare me. The concrete is covered with a metal carport and there are several eggs/nesting sites of various insects living on the underside of the galvalume metal roof. They don’t look as mature as others I have seen sitting in their messy webs. I have included 3 pics, these are on the small side of what usually appears. No pesticides have been used in adjacent areas, temperatures have ranged from mid 90°’s down to 60°.


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Charlton County GA almost 3 years ago

guinea eggs

Our guineas have just started laying (born the first part of April). The shells are tough, but they are pliable, more like rubber, they bounce. We ask at a feed store and he said all guinea eggs are like that. They are free-range and we supplement them. We also have regular chickens. We are new at this and wonder if they are lacking something. Help please, we didn't even know we could eat them, but we aren't sure about these. Thanks, Frank and Jean Vickers


Charlton County GA almost 4 years ago

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