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marigold seeds won't sprout

Marigold seeds won't sprout

1) I have a 9 ft diameter flower bed in the sun with a birdbath in the middle. I bought some bags of garden soil and Black Cow from Home Depot and put it on top of the soil and tried to mix it in but was not really very good at that. It's about 6" deep.

I planted some marigold and zennia seeds this spring. The zinnias did great but only a few marigolds grew. They are leggy - not full at all.

2) I got some of the seeds from the marigolds and zennias and put them on a wet paper towel in the garage. I keep them wet. It's been a week and about 1% have sprouted.

3) What am I doing wrong? What can I do to grow marigolds from seeds?

It's too expensive to buy plants. The zinnias are too tall and hide the birdbath. Are there any other flower seeds that would sprout better?


Camden County GA about 5 years ago

Post-Test and CEUs

I had recently listened to the recorded training titled "Novel Communication Toos: Using Text4Baby and Just in Time Parenting to Meet the Needs of Parents". The chat pod was blurry so I was not able to make out the link for the post-test and CEU's. Could I possibly get this link e-mailed to me? I have went back to the main page for the training as directed, but there is not a link to the post-test.


Camden County GA about 6 years ago


Where would one find Hemlock mulching?


Camden County GA over 1 year ago

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