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How can we get rid of feather mites in our flock?

We have had poultry for a long time, and about 10 years ago we got feather mites or depluming mites in our flock and we could not get rid of them so we got rid of all the birds we have except one pullet. Then two years later we attained some more poultry and within 6 months they had the same mites again. So having researched it thoroughly, we have discovered that lots of people are using Ivermectin with great success for the same problem. So we are trying that now. Can you tell me how to get rid of them and/or if Ivermectin will work, or will we have to give up poultry permanently?


Lawrence County Alabama over 5 years ago

Cattle breeding

I have a black Angus bull calf that I’ll be moving to another pasture when it’s breeding age. I wanted to know if I breed him with Hereford heifers what color would the calves be?


Lawrence County Alabama 12 months ago


Need to control japanese beetles.
They are eating everything


Lawrence County Alabama almost 2 years ago

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