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My cat was diagnosed with a rare blood disease.

My male cat was recently diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera. He is approximately 8 years old. I was told there is not a lot of literature on this disease. He has been put on Hydroxyurea. What is the life expectancy and quality of life for him?


Bibb County Alabama over 5 years ago

Tiny white bells

What are the hard tiny white bell looking flowers on my cypress tree? I have searched google images and can't find them, it is not the twig gall midge. They grow on the ends near the balls and are numerous. The little bell shapes are capped and when I open one they appear to have a tiny seed in each but unlike a flower these flower shapes are hard. They are smaller than a pencil eraser. Thank you.


Bibb County Alabama over 4 years ago

Tomato plants won't bloom

My tomato plants won't bloom. They just keep producing foliage. They get 6 hrs of sun. No other disease seems to be going on.


Bibb County Alabama almost 7 years ago

Rooster crowing

Our neighbors have a rooster that crows all the time. Is there any way to make it stop?


Bibb County Alabama about 7 years ago

Introducing cats

I have a 14 year old female cat and am having to take in my sister-in-law's 10 year old male cat. While the female has had other cats in the house the male has not. I am concerned about marking territory or not using a litter box -- at all! Fighting could be another issue. Any ideas on how to make this transition easier on the cats and humans?


Bibb County Alabama over 6 years ago

Recycling bin?

When will it be returned to area in the Woodstock City Hall?. Said to call you! Sarah Bridewell. The bin at Woodstock Elementary school is always full and running over. It's a grant, can't it be placed at another location? You said why are you calling me when I called before, so I'll try again, no offense intended.


Bibb County Alabama almost 3 years ago

What kind of plant is this

What kind of plant is this



Bibb County Alabama almost 5 years ago

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