Bleckley County, Georgia

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Do bats in Georgia Hibernate

Do bats become inactive or hibernate in Georgia? If so, when do they start hibernating and when do they become active again?


Bleckley County GA almost 6 years ago

Goat poop

I have a pair of pygmy goats. We've had them only a few weeks. We haven't wormed them yet either.
In their metal building I am finding white poop that looks like hairy things standing on top of it. They are on a concrete floor. I don't see it on the ground, just the floor.
What is it? Does this mean they have worms? If so what kind and what do I get to treat them? They are still eating and drinking as usual. But we have had a lot of rain lately.

Thank you

Patricia Peebles


Bleckley County GA almost 5 years ago

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