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Canning a tomato based recipe

I have a recipe that I think is safe to water bath, but I want to know for sure. Can my local extension agent perform a pH test?


Bartow County GA over 3 years ago

Shrub with red fruit

Shrub with red fruit?



Bartow County GA almost 4 years ago

Fastest Growing Tree Safe for Horses - North West Georgia

We tend to have two and three month periods of drought each year. Sun is hot and the soil is clay with the ongoing natural fertilizing of horse manure which is raked and spread. I need three good shade trees that will grow quickly and will be protected with fencing during its early years from the horses leaning on them and eating at the leaves. Finding many of the trees they recommend in your typical nursery is almost impossible. River Birch, Elms etc. They don't carry them. Any other recommendations. Also need a good fast growing shade tree which will be outside pasture...but still a potential for some minor horse exposure.


Bartow County GA over 3 years ago

Can I cut a Japanese maple tree down to the ground?

I have a Japanese maple that has grown way too large for its space. It is approximately 15 feet high with a 7" diameter trunk. It branches out into several large limbs about 4 feet from the ground. The tops of the large limbs have been lopped off about 7 feet from the ground resulting in many thin limbs growing straight up from the cut tops. Is there a way to return this tree to the shape it should be? Is it possible to cut it down close to the ground and let it grow into a small tree? Thank you for your help!


Bartow County GA over 4 years ago

Voracious Small black caterpillars

I live in northwest Georgia and have beautiful gardens. Two days ago, small black caterpillars started eating a couple of plants. I thought they might become butterflies, so I didn't do anything. However, today, there are MILLIONS of them eating ALL my plants ! They appear to be hatching from little orange eggs all over the plant. What are they and how can I get rid of them and the eggs ?



Bartow County GA about 5 years ago

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