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Flat tire/air compressor

My gf has a flat right down the road with no spare. Could I fill my air compressor tank up and take it down the road and fix her tire or would the compressor run out of air before I get there?


Barrow County GA about 4 years ago


can you identify this plant?



Barrow County GA almost 5 years ago

Trees around Home Offer Protection?

I would have thought that having alot of trees around our home would increase our risk for getting termites. My husband said that the opposite is actually true. That the trees act in the same way as the wood bait that termite companies plant under the ground as a preventative measure.
Can you tell me if trees close to my home poses any greater or less risk for getting termites.


Barrow County GA almost 5 years ago

Tree identification

I have this tree growing in my front yard and have no idea what it is. Can you tell me


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Barrow County GA over 4 years ago

Chestnut Tree

Is this an American Chestnut Tree? And on some low branches there's a white looking fungus. Maybe you could tell me what it is and a web with worms. I'll send pictures.


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Barrow County GA almost 5 years ago

Ruby Red Crabapple Seedling

My seedling was doing really well. Suddenly, the leaves began to turn brown and fall off? I live in Georgia so we haven't had any cold weather since I planted this tree in a container that has drainage. Any thoughts?


Barrow County GA almost 2 years ago

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