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I need help buying a replacement serger, I have a Janome 4-thread now. I want to spend around $800. The different brands are confusing, go with the name or the price or the reputation? Thanks Louise Dianto


Volusia County Florida over 5 years ago

Can anyone help identify this cylinder vase with tigers it appears may be Chinese with Qianlog mark.

Trying to identify this vase wondering if anyone could determine the age or decipher the red mark on it or any of the writing. I did some research and it appears the top middle mark may be for Qianlong but cannot seem to figure out the rest.


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Volusia County Florida about 6 years ago


Thought I was growing a queen Palm from seed but now I have second thoughts any idea?


Volusia County Florida about 5 years ago

Black Raspberry Crazy Ants

I've been told by a bug guy that I have Black Raspberry Crazy Ants. I get them by my sliding glass door, my bathroom (that has a window) , and a by my front door. I've been using grocery store bug spray and all the ants that I see are dead, but they just don't go away! I sweep them up everyday. Is there some kind of bait to put around my house to kill them before they come in??


Volusia County Florida almost 7 years ago

Golden Raspberry pH

Hello! I have a friend who wants to make golden raspberry jam, but I’ve heard golden raspberries are lower acid than red ones. I can’t find a pH specifically for golden raspberries anywhere. Can you tell me if it’s safe to simply substitute golden raspberries for red raspberries in a tested jam recipe? Thank you! Holly Jablonski


Volusia County Florida 5 months ago

Blossom drop

I have 2 zucchini plants. They both blossom beautifully, but nothing develops. The blossoms just fall off. I tried using a q tip to brush pollen to each plant, but nothing works. My tomato plant develops blossoms that never open. What's going on?


Volusia County Florida over 5 years ago

bubbling roots

My sweet potato has nice roots and the vines are beginning to grow, but now I see bubbling at one of the roots and the water continues to be foggy, even after I change it. Is it rotting? What should I do?


Volusia County Florida over 4 years ago

What kind of grass grows in sandy shady areas?

My husband and I just moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. There is not much of a front yard and we are looking to either sod or plant grass seed. (sodding would be nice). Please tell us what kind of grass will grow well in sandy soil that has a lot of shade? Thank you so much.


Volusia County Florida over 4 years ago

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