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Pine bore beetles that are now swarming in north fa.they look a lot like termites. The are attackin

They are attacking bay trees,and fig trees in my yard. We live in the deep woods of north Fla but there a lot of pine tree farms near us. . My friend is in panic mode.Do you have a pix.yes they kinda look like termites and the dragon flies are feasting on them.


Suwannee County Florida over 2 years ago

What is this? Tree or Shrub?

This plant has come up in its own, and I thought it was a weed. However even if I cut it, or think I dig it up, it comes back each summer. I am enjoying the shape of the leaves and I am trying to help it grow now. I just do not know what it is. We live on 4 acres and there's nothing else like it around.



Suwannee County Florida about 4 years ago

Care for really old wisteria

We have a 'free form' wisteria in one corner of our yard. It is probably as old as the house, 105 years old. It has grown into the trees. As I have been pruning it, the plant seems to be dieing back. Under the current cane is a large amount of old growth. Should that be removed? Even some of what looks like the big main root cane is breaking off. Trying to keep this beauty alive and thriving. Thank you.


Suwannee County Florida 3 months ago

Why is my persimmon tree no longer bearing fruit?

I have a persimmon tree that has been in my backyard for a very long time. I bought this home from my grandparents, and perhaps they did something to tend to it that I just don't know about, but they have both passed away. For the first few years of owning this home I got a great harvest of fruit, however last year and this year I haven't seen a fruit even beginning to grow. My dad's tree, which is about a mile away, is loaded down! I haven't really done anything to take care of this tree, it gets water when it rains and I've never pruned it myself. I think it's getting enough water, as there is a rain tree beginning to grow right inside the canopy. Any thoughts on how to take care of this tree so it might bear fruit again?


Suwannee County Florida over 6 years ago

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