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organic soil

What brand of organic soil is best for planting vegetable seeds in a planter on my lanai?


Sumter County Florida almost 6 years ago

Plant identification

Zone 9a, looking to determine specific species ... thanks!



Sumter County Florida over 4 years ago

Strange weeds/plants in my pasture

Hello, I'm finding theses weeds/plants in my horse and cow pastures. I've looked on the internet and can't seem to find what these are. Thank you in advance for your help or if you can help. Sharyl Anderson


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Sumter County Florida over 4 years ago

Grape leaves

I noticed some grape leaves undersides with raised green bumps all over, also showing on the front side. What could this be and how to treat. These are new vines this year, have been growing well till now. Hope you can help.


Sumter County Florida over 4 years ago

tomatoes in florida

the large corporate tomato farms in south Florida have two growing seasons for tomatoes ...........and they take a two month break in the summer because of the heat. my question: while planting in the spring season yields a crop before the summer heat i able to maintain (keep) the same 'mature' indeterminate plants for another crop in the fall when the temperatures are right. (understanding, of course, that there'll be no setting of fruit in the extreme temperatures of the summer.)


Sumter County Florida 4 months ago

Sod. New grass

Is it safe to fertilizer new sod. Was thinking about miracle grow. Grass is about 3 days old. Thank you.


Sumter County Florida over 6 years ago

how to start up and finance an agroforestry farm?

I am a Disabled veteran (OIF/OEF)-US Army and I am interested in Creating an Agricultural farm. Please provide me with all the available information on how to start and how to finance this enterprise (Land purchase, machinery including transportation, general start up expenses ecc.


Sumter County Florida about 6 years ago

What is this plant?

I thought this was a gardenia plant. But these blooms appeared with sooty centers. Please advise.


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Sumter County Florida almost 3 years ago

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