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royal poinciana tree not green enough

my royal Poinciana tree does not seem to be the dark green it should be. I planted it from a seedling gradually putting into larger pots. This spring it was planted outside and is now about 3' tall. some of the branches turn yellow and fall off. this tree is very special as I planted it for my sister who just passed away. It was her favorite tree and I do not want to loose it. It has taken 3 years to get to this point. Thank you, Janice Paestella


Sarasota County Florida about 4 years ago

What is this plant?

What is this?


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Sarasota County Florida about 5 years ago

Elephant Ear Plant

My plant is getting smaller and smaller. Trunk is getting weak and leaning forward. Leaves bloom but turn yellow around edges. It is planted in my planter at the front of home.


Sarasota County Florida over 1 year ago

Tomato chili sauce

I made some tomato base chili sauce and after processing air bubbles formed on top of the sauce in the jar. Is this safe to eat?


Sarasota County Florida 3 months ago

What is this

I have these spiders everywhere at my work place and would like to know what they are


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Sarasota County Florida about 3 years ago

What kind of creepy crawlers are these? Sitting on our ceiling making holes...

What kind of creepy crawlers are these? Sitting on our ceiling making holes into the popcorn paint. Thank you.



Sarasota County Florida over 6 years ago

What kind of tree is this, my mom doesn't even know and she's Pocahontas level amateur botanist

This tree is behind my job and I'm wondering if I should try the fruit... My life is in your hands


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Sarasota County Florida over 4 years ago

Treatment for vent gleet

I have a backyard hen w/ the symptoms of vent gleet - see attachments. I have been using homemade remedies, e.g., probiotics and vinegar in the drinking water, in addition to washing her, but to no avail. I'm now ready to try an anti-fungal medicine. I have read online of the use both external creams and internal medicines. What is the recommended procedure and what product to use? thanks. . .


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Sarasota County Florida over 3 years ago

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