St. Johns County, Florida

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I tried to divide a Crinum Lily that was given to me but unfortunately two...

I tried to divide a Crinum Lily that was given to me but unfortunately two broke off the main root ball. Is there any way to save them? Also, what is a good fertilizer to use? Thanks



St. Johns County Florida over 4 years ago

Wild flower

Can you tell me what flower is this!



St. Johns County Florida about 5 years ago

Fig tree

My fig tree leaves have black tips? What can be done?


St. Johns County Florida over 7 years ago

invasive cypressvine?

Cypressvine (red) has sprouted in one of my potted plants. Should I distribute the seeds to friends, or is this little morning-glory relative considered invasive in St Johns and/or Putnam County


St. Johns County Florida over 3 years ago

What kind of snake do I own

Just would like to know what kind of snake I own his color is beautiful


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St. Johns County Florida 11 months ago

Browning zoysia sod

We had put down zoysia sod back in late June. Everything was going well it was green and plush and I even mowed it, only taking a little off the top. But over the past couple weeks it has started growing some brown areas. We are getting plenty of rain on a daily bases. I did notice that the brown areas roots havent seem to have taken hold. I thought they would have by this time? Any suggestions would be helpfull.



St. Johns County Florida over 5 years ago

Please tell me what kind of spider this is

I just moved into an apartment and keep finding baby spiders like this


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St. Johns County Florida over 2 years ago


Could you send me a list of perineal and annual flowers that grow well in north fl. We just moved here and we have full morning sun in back and afternoon sun in front yard.


St. Johns County Florida almost 5 years ago

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