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zoneing lawa for horses

how would i get my property zoned for a horses


Putnam County Florida over 7 years ago

What is this plant?

I have a plant that my mother called the arms of Christ. It looks like a night-blooming Cereus but on steroids. The tall stem in middle is over four feet high. It does bloom large white flowers but not only at night. I love this plant, and I just want to know what it really is. Thank you in advance for your time.



Putnam County Florida over 5 years ago

Soil Drainage

Dear Expert, How can I tell if my soil drains well enough


Putnam County Florida over 4 years ago

How can I manage my Clerodendrum paniculatum?

My young Clerodendrum paniculatum is 5' tall and I would like to keep it at that height. It has grown its first panicle. Flowering nearly finished. 1) What normally happens with this panicle after flowering? 2) Do we expect another panicle this year from the same central stalk? 3) I wish to keep height at 5' including whatever next panicle grows. 4) What would we expect to occur, in short term and in longer term, if I were to cut off the current panicle?



Putnam County Florida about 5 years ago

Flowering maple tree

Can you identify my tree that looks like a red maple but has big flowers like a hibiscus?



Putnam County Florida about 3 years ago

Fruit falling off

I have a navel orange tree and also a red grapefruit tree. After they bloom most of the fruit drops off. Last year I had no grapefruit and only 2 oranges. It's like the fruit doesn't set. Any ideas what may be the cause?


Putnam County Florida over 6 years ago

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