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Unknown sprout

I was in Lakeland Florida viewing my brothers newly bought yard and my mother comes to me and tells me she found this in the ground. Just out in the open. It had two white roots which are underground and it was a shady area with lots of trees.


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Polk County Florida over 5 years ago

Cucumbers gone wild!

I have quite a few volunteer cucumber plants after spreading a compost pile in my garden. When the cucumbers started sprouting they are all shapes and sizes (except what you would normally see!). Some are round like a small cannon ball. Some look like a watermelon, only smaller One looks like a football, and is almost the same size. Some are smooth on the outside and others are bumpy. Some have stripes, some are pale green and some are dark green. What happened? Are they safe to eat?


Polk County Florida over 4 years ago

weed seed

I have a high grade weed seed i was storing,it split in two now the actual seed is out, is it ok to still plants?


Polk County Florida about 5 years ago

how much water /liquid fertilizer

I have about 60 fruit trees, assorted variety, set up with a drip water system, and am about to install a fertilizer injection system. How much water, how much fertilizer, what type? trees range 1-5 yr.


Polk County Florida over 5 years ago

Another gall midge question

At first, thought it was thrips as well but 100% sure its gall midge now.

My wife put down bayer advanced 3 in 1 roses and flowers around our hibiscus. But, she did not move the mulch back and im not sure she used enough. Its supposed to be put down every 5 to 6 weeks. I read a website that said to use Bayer lawn and shrub which lasts a year. Much stronger concentrate of active chemical too.

Do we need to wait 5 weeks to put down again? Will doing it sooner hurt the plant?

I also plan to spray the plant leaves w 3 in 1 as directed by same website. We are already pulling buds off.

Also, how often can we spray the leaves and how long should it take for blooms to resume?

Read another site that says to use other treatments such as orthene/cygon to spray the plant and
Dursban/diazinon on the ground. Says to mix it up. If mixing it up is a good thing, can i use those and whats in bayer at same time or do i need to space them apart?

one last thing. What ant like bug is on my hibiscus. (See pic) Do i need to get rid of those?



Polk County Florida almost 2 years ago


Just curious what this plant is


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Polk County Florida about 5 years ago

What are the seeded pods on the stem after the flower has died out and how...

What are the seeded pods on the stem after the flower has died out and how should I handle it. My husband seems to think I should cut and replant. I said NO I live in Florida and my flowers take very little care. from the original 2 or 3 I now have probably 30. I would like to replant to stretch them out but don't want to take the chance of loosing them.


Polk County Florida almost 6 years ago

Not sure what tree this is

I have a 6 ft tree in my backyard I can't seem to identify. No flowers have ever bloomed on this tree. If you take a leave and bend it, it has a sort of mint smell to it. I have a eucalyptus tree and its not the same. Hoping someone could help me identify the tree. Thank you!


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Polk County Florida over 4 years ago

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