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Is this a weed

I have no idea what kind of plant this is and have been unable to locate any information online and I am afraid it may be a weed. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

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Pinellas County Florida over 5 years ago

Microscopic Biting Mites


I was directed to your website by Google.

And, as I read your explanation, I noticed that you didn't mention the use of a microscope to examine people. You only mentioned sticky tape and skin scraping.

Of course, every lab and vet knows that these technologies are only 20% efficacious.

Recently, I read about DNA tests at North Carolina State

However, the biochemist misread our email and seems reluctant to continue the dialogue.

We have not heard from them in the last 6 days, after we corrected her misunderstandings and repeated our request for more Info about the DNA procedure. I'm sure, they are busy.

However, this is important because thousands of people are complaining about these Mites, with no hope because of the ludicrous disease, Delusions of Parasitosis.

When you read the 20 symptoms for DOP, they explain why people have mixed feelings about Psychiatry.

For example, Symptom #6: It's usually a woman. That would be funny in any other context.

There is a book titled The War On Mites, that would be instructive.

It explains why these people are receiving no help from Scientists, Doctors, county, state, and federal health departments, Extensions, major Pest Control, Walk in Clinics, Paramedics, Emergency Rooms, State and National Representatives,

To these people, it's all a big joke, a very, very bad joke.

And, when we have the technology, such as, HyperSpectral Imaging, or Flow Cytometry, or even, Electron Microsocpy, you will see a microscopic Mite that measures less than 100um. And, realize that all these people are not psychotic.

This Mite is smaller that the smallest animal in the world, Eriophiadies Mite at 125um.

The existence of this Microscopic Biting Mite was witnessed by 3 doctors and 2 lab techs at a hospital lab, as well as, a physicians imaging service manager.

In fact, the manager measured the Mite. Unfortunately, no one was interested.

In fact, the only attempt to examine these people scientifically happened in 2001 - 2007 at America's foremost Clinic.

They used Skin Scraping and found nothing in 168 patients and concluded they were Psychotic.

Can you believe that?

The NIH was created in 1958, and 50 years later, we get Skin Scraping on 168 people.

And, that's all we have of scientific investigation. Kind of a backward medical system, don't you think?


Pinellas County Florida about 4 years ago

nitrogen supplement for mushrom substrate

attempting to grow mushrooms using hydrogen-peroxide but need a nitrogen supplement that is free of enzymes. where can i obtain product Sylvans Millichamp 3000?


Pinellas County Florida about 5 years ago

grafting two different trumpets

Is it possible to graft a Devil trumpet to a Angel trumpet?


Pinellas County Florida over 4 years ago

magnolia tree has many yellow leaves falling,dead black branches breaking...

magnolia tree has many yellow leaves falling,dead black branches breaking off, DO i REMOVE TREE?


Pinellas County Florida over 5 years ago

Can you identify this invasive vine?

An invasive vine has appeared this spring in the wilderness conservation area behind our home. It has incredibly rapid growth and is trying to expand its territory to our area and trees. It is not Kudzu but seems to have the same behavior of enveloping a host tree. I am concerned that it may decimate the wilderness conservation area if it cannot be stopped. Any help is appreciated.


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Pinellas County Florida over 7 years ago

re-planting of amaryllis bulbs

I would like any instructions/information on re-planting of amaryllis bulbs. I have dug up the bulbs and

want to replace the soil and divide the bulbs. The bulbs have multiplied enormously. Should I just re-plant the smaller bulbs, or does it make any difference? Also, should I remove the brown around the bulb before re-planting? Your help will be most appreciated.

Geraldine Allen (727) 536-4331


Pinellas County Florida over 5 years ago

Sycamore Tree and Pealing Bark

We live in St. Petersburg, Florida. There is a nine year old Sycamore tree in our front yard. The bark has been pealing off for months and there are patches of brown leaves scattered throughout the tree. Is the tree dying? Is it possible the tree needs fertilizer or maybe trimming or could it be getting too much water because of the summer rains?


Pinellas County Florida over 5 years ago

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