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What kind of shrub/bush is this?

They are about 5-6 feet tall in our front yard. No berries that I can see.


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Jefferson County Alabama about 5 years ago

Wood ash as fertilizer

I have about 12 , 80 year old large leggy American box woods in our old old garden. We live in Birmingham Alabama...and do have a lot of wood burning fires... Using hardwood . I would like to spread this ash on any and all plants I can. I read what not to put ash question, what CAN I safely spread as on? I sent the next email with a short list of other varieties in my yard. Thank you.


Jefferson County Alabama almost 5 years ago

Determinate Tomato

Can a determinate tomato be cloned or rooted and produce a normal sized crop?


Jefferson County Alabama almost 6 years ago

Is it okay I use regular soil as in dirt from the ground so plant fruit seed...

Is it okay I use regular soil as in dirt from the ground so plant fruit seed because I have no type of money at the moment to buy fertilizer or fertalize soil or organic soil for them I was wondering is regular soil(dirt) is okay to grow peaches cherries melons and strawberries?


Jefferson County Alabama almost 7 years ago

pecan tree scab

Will the scab infection kill the pecan trees? These are real old trees and have not produced since 2008.


Jefferson County Alabama over 3 years ago

What kind of spider?

I am a home inspector in Birmingham Alabama and I found this spider just outside the corner of a garage door of a brand new house. I want to be able to tell the buyers if they need to worry or not so I would greatly appreciate it if you would identify, please!


Russell Poe

Best 1 Home Inspection



Jefferson County Alabama over 4 years ago

Fiddle leaf fig cold exposure maybe?

Our weather in Alabama has been crazy last few weeks. I put my fiddle leaf fig outside as I do every year but suddenly we had a cold snap. I brought them back in but might not have been soon enough. I noticed next day several leaves were a reddish color & over next few days get darker. I'm assuming it was the cold exposure & I don't think it's dying but how's the best way to handle it? Should I cut affected leaves off, wait & let fall off or will this cause more shock? These are trees about 5-6 feet tall & seems most leaves affected are the larger ones & towards the upper part. Just want to save the trees & hopefully find a way to keep some sort of "balance" visually. In the pics you can see how much they're affected & has never looked this way. Thanks for listening and appreciate any help you can give!


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Jefferson County Alabama about 4 years ago

Please ID

Please ID. Came from Ruffner Plant sale 2 yrs ago. Was told it attracts butterflies and it may be a host plant for them. I think it likes average moisture for soil. I don't know if sun or shade.


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Jefferson County Alabama over 4 years ago

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