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Renewable energy

  1. What area of profession do you specialize in?

  1. Is it easy to do what you do everyday? Is there any kind of difficulty that comes your way while doing so?

  1. Is this the cheapest and most efficient way of creating energy with this source compared to other ways of doing it? Why?

  1. What is the most common, currently in use, or being developed renewable alternative energy sources?

  1. When do you think alternative resources started to come into place?

  1. What are some positive and negative effects of renewable energy resources on society?

  1. What are the most prominent private/public sectors that promote renewable energy sources?

  1. What do you think is the best renewable energy power source in use today? Why?

  1. What started the renewable energy revolution?

  1. What are some major issues regarding renewable energy resources.


Osceola County Florida almost 5 years ago


Please help, my husband planted this and forgot what it was. Thanks!



Osceola County Florida over 4 years ago

IRS Payment Plan

Due to having to cash out a retirement account last year, we have a huge tax bill this year. How does the IRS calculate the monthly amount one pays under their payment plan?


Osceola County Florida almost 6 years ago

What type of tree is this ?

It grows beans and little flowers red white or pink


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Osceola County Florida about 4 years ago

Tiny Black Ants on patio

I have a screened in patio with a solid roof and I have a trail of tiny little black ants crawling thru the screen and onto the ceiling, i tried soaking a q-tip in vinegar and swiping it along their trail on the ceiling but i really have no way of feeding them bait/poison because they are on the ceiling, i tried power spraying them away and they all just came back, how can i get rid of them?


Osceola County Florida over 5 years ago

How to care for it

How to care for it


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Osceola County Florida about 5 years ago

I've never seen a spider like this.

Can you please tell me what kind of spider this is? He only comes out at night, he doesn't cocoon his prey like most spiders he just eats them. You can see from the picture with the halogen light that he is quite large.


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Osceola County Florida over 5 years ago

My tomatoes are almost all damaged by stink bugs. Are the tomatoes still...

My tomatoes are almost all damaged by stink bugs. Are the tomatoes still edible, perhaps by cutting away the affected areas? Thanks, Steve


Osceola County Florida over 6 years ago

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