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What kind?

What kind of spider is this?


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Monroe County Florida over 2 years ago

Key Lime Tree Maintenance

I have 2 very big and I feel overgrown key lime trees. Is it ok to prune the dead branches and trim the trees so they don't look out of control.?..Will pruning the trees affect fruit growth ? Thanks , Gary Milanese from Key Largo. Florida


Monroe County Florida about 7 years ago

commercial rat posion.

Is this poison allowed in a residential areas?


Monroe County Florida about 4 years ago

Leaf miners

I am a South Dakota master gardener. Currently I am wintering in Florida. My question has to do with leaf miners on tomato plants that I started from seed down here. I have never had this problem in tomatoes when I've been in South Dakota. The question is: is there a way to get rid of them when they are in the larva stage making the squiggly lines in the leaves? The tomatoes were started from seed in potting mix in containers. The climate here is zone 11 B and very warm and humid.


Monroe County Florida almost 4 years ago

moving a jade plant outside

my healthy jade plant has outgrown its windowsill pot and the windowsill. i need to transplant it to a larger pot and put it outside. it currently gets full sun in the afternoons--on the deck it will get full sun in the mornings. i live in the lower florida keys and am concerned that putting it in the direct sun all day will be too much for it in the summer months. there's no other place for it in the house. Please advise--thanks.


Monroe County Florida over 4 years ago

bird of paradise

my plant has curled leaves and not growing,but still alive, what does it need ?


Monroe County Florida almost 4 years ago

What is this?

Is it toxic?



Monroe County Florida over 4 years ago

Trying to id plant

I got this plant at a plant show. I was told it was called a red hot. I have not been able to find any information about it using that name. Do you know what the plant is and how I care for it? Thank you


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Monroe County Florida about 5 years ago

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