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Is this Ficus a Prohibited Plant?


I am trying to identify the exact species of this Ficus tree in the attached pictures. I am getting mixed answers by several local arborists who all believe the Genus is a Ficus, but no clear answer as to which species.

This tree is located in Homestead, in my back yard. I am estimating the tree to be about 50+ feet tall. The pictures of the leaf are smaller ones from the tree and approximately 8 inches.

Unfortunately the previous home owners did not maintenance the tree to keep it controlled. I am experiencing a number of rather large limbs with rot beginning to break not just over my own property but on the neighbors also. The root system stretches across my and neighboring yards. As fond as I am of the tree, it has become a hazard to life and property.

It would be helpful to know when applying for the permit to remove the tree to know what it is. If you would be able to tell me or direct me to someone who could it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

John Mahalko


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Miami-Dade County Florida about 5 years ago

How to identify Chinese porcelain

Please help me identify this vase. Origin, age, rarity, possible value.
Thank you.


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Miami-Dade County Florida over 5 years ago

Elephant ear plant not growing new leaves

I’ve had two very large elephant ear plants on my balcony for about a year. They’ve done amazingly. I live in south beach, and they only get sun for half the day. In the last few months I’ve noticed they are only growing seed pods/flowers, and no new leaf shoots. One of them is down to its last three leaves.... but half a dozen flowers, with more coming up. The larger one has 7 leaves left, with 3-5 flower shoots. Normally I would see a new leaf come up atleast once a week.... but since they started flowering, i haven’t seen any! Is there something I’m doing wrong? They’re in massive planters, and get watered everyday to keep The soil moist..... is this just something they do? Thanks in advance


Miami-Dade County Florida about 2 years ago

Smells heavenly

What is this ?


Miami-Dade County Florida about 5 years ago

Webinar CEUs

Good Evening, I am a Certified Child Life Specialist looking to gain more insight and development, especially through different resources. Do you have any webinars/webcasts or online presentations that you offer CEU/PDUs for? Live workshops? Thank you Kindly.


Miami-Dade County Florida about 3 years ago

canna lily rooting

Easiest way to root canna lilies?


Miami-Dade County Florida about 4 years ago

Plant ID

Please ID this plant which looks like in the succulent family. Leaves short & stubby.



Miami-Dade County Florida almost 5 years ago

What type of plant is this?

Anyone happen to know what this plant is? Please see attached photos.


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Miami-Dade County Florida over 4 years ago

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