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I understand that OSU has an anaerobic digestion laboratory, can I get the...

I understand that OSU has an anaerobic digestion laboratory, can I get the contact information as I am interested in running some controlled tests using swine waste. I work with a biological stimulant that accelerates biology. My clients in that industry in North Carolina want to verify methane improvements and gas quality using my additives. Thank you, Jack Serafin


Martin County Florida about 6 years ago

scavenger hunt

So for my summer assignment i have been assigned to finish a scavenger hunt about the environment, one item I need to find an "igneous rock outcrop (exposed bed rock)" And in Florida all i can find is sedimentary EVERYWHERE!! do you know where I could find any near south Florida???


Martin County Florida over 1 year ago

poisioned trees

I have many palm trees. Someone has driven stakes that look like a bid nail into my trees. It has resulted in 2 foot dark burn spot around this area. Where do I go for help for my trees?


Martin County Florida almost 5 years ago

Deter Rodents, Possums, Armadillos

What is the best way to stop Armadillos, Opossums and/or rodents from burrowing under house slab?


Martin County Florida 4 months ago

Lifespan of firebush plant

We have 3 firebush trees in our yard that have sparse foliage and blooms. They look worn out and may be 15 plus years old. Have they lived past their ornamental lifespan?



Martin County Florida 5 months ago

"Air Potato "

Can u recommend a method for eradicating this plant. I have been pulling down the vines and discarding as best i can. Better method?



Martin County Florida about 3 years ago

What might this be?

Very firm leaves,thick roots



Martin County Florida almost 4 years ago

What is this?

What is this?



Martin County Florida over 4 years ago

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