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What type of tree is this?

This is some sort of tree growing on our property. At first I believed it to be some sort of fruit tree. However it hasn't bore any fruit. Please help. Thank you.



Marion County Florida over 4 years ago

getiing rid of the little beasts

how do I get rid of leptoglossus phyllopus that I think I brought in on another plant they are all over my tomatoes now and I don't know what to do


Marion County Florida over 4 years ago

Whats the best compound to use to seal a tree cavity

What's the best but cheapest way to seal a cavity in a live oak


Marion County Florida over 4 years ago

What is this vine mixed with purple clematis?

Hi, this vine is mixed with my purple clematis. The buds are maybe 1/10 cm diameter. The flowers just opened today and are white bells with a maroon center. 1/8 inch maybe. Any ideas? If it's invasive I want to nip it in the bud so to speak lol. Thanks, Lori
PS no sap in the vine, and the flowers are pleasantly scented.


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Marion County Florida over 5 years ago

Heat Pump Stopped Working After Power Outage, Blowing 3 Amp Fuse


My electric went out and when it came back on my thermostat kept clicking and my heater/air conditioner was not working. The next morning I went out and the 3 amp fuse was blown, so I replaced it and went inside to turn the heater on. It ran for about 30-90 seconds and then the fuse blew again but there was no sound from the thermostat then or any time after that (just the initial clicking when the electric came back on). I had someone come out and they did several tests, disconnected the heater and turned just the AC on with a new fuse - it ran fine for the time that I kept it on (about 30 minutes). He said that my heat pump is broken and that it needs to be replaced and that is what is causing the 3 amp fuse to blow. He was with a company, but he also informed me he had never fixed a heater before; when I told him about the thermostat clicking he just said, "Oh, really?" and nothing more. I called a past repairman that I knew from another town and he said that this sounds misdiagnosed based on the information that I gave him. I'd love to have another opinion, I unfortunately can't afford the $100 service/diagnostic/trip fee that the companies in my town want just to look at it. I have a Nutone P7RE-030K, it has the heat and air conditioning combined in the unit. It looks relatively new, but I am not sure how old it is because I just bought the house this past year. Please help, I am freezing!



Marion County Florida about 4 years ago

What tree please

What tree is this from please?



Marion County Florida about 5 years ago

no flowers

have a healthy don wan climbing rose bush. it is growing tall and leaves look healthy. the problem is no buds or flowers. used fertilzer from perkins and miracle grow for roses, no luck. do you know of a magacial bullet.. thank you, pete fewster


Marion County Florida over 2 years ago

Equine stocking rates in the Hotchkiss area

Hi. I am considering moving to the Hotchkiss/Paonia/North Fork of the Gunnison area. I am familiar with the weather and water challenges in the valley, and I realize how important water is in the valley - I visit there often and have friends who live there. I own two horses who would come with me.
As I begin looking for acreage, I need to know just how much land I need to support two horses with hay of course during the winter.
Assuming I buy land with good water and that is currently in pasture or a hay field, approximately how many acres dedicated to pasture should I look for?
Thank you.


Marion County Florida about 1 year ago

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