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Plant Identification

What plant is this?



Manatee County Florida about 4 years ago

What is this plant?

what is this plant?



Manatee County Florida about 5 years ago

The leaves of our ficus tree are folded and sealed with brownish...

The leaves of our ficus tree are folded and sealed with brownish "pepper" like substance inside. Sometimes we find a small narrow black insect. We were told it is white fly. Is this accurate and is there a treatment? A year ago this is what was being told to everyone. That we had a ficus infestation.


Manatee County Florida about 6 years ago

What type of palm tree and is there a specific way to transplant?

Hello We just bought our own house and would like to transplant this palm tree to the front yard. My questions are 1. What type of palm is this? 2. Is there a specific way to transplant a palm tree? 3. How deep of a hole do I need to dig to put it in? Thanks in advance!


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Manatee County Florida about 1 year ago

Can you identify this plant?

It is growing on my fence and appears to be some type of ivy. I am wondering if I have an allergy to it.


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Manatee County Florida over 4 years ago

Introducing a catalpa worm to a catalpa tree?

Hi I Live in Florida I two catalpa Trees. Do I need to introduce the worms to the tree.


Manatee County Florida over 5 years ago

What are these things?

Really mystified at this. We really could not identify these. They are on a wall in a bedroom. We have a video of them where you can see the little black dots moving.


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Manatee County Florida over 4 years ago

tiger nuts

Can you please tell me if you know of anyone growing tiger nuts in Penn.If you do know, please replay and send me a phone number or website where i can contact them... Thanking in advance P.Pina


Manatee County Florida almost 6 years ago

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