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What are these holes from??

I had a solitary pocket gopher problem. Solved with zinc phosphide.

Now these new holes are everywhere. some are plugged an inch or so below surface. others are wide open. The holes are a bit larger than my index finger in diameter . The holes seem to angle away from the dirt mounds. I thought voles as vole holes are described as broomstick size in diameter but also read voles do not leave dirt mounds. Too small for gophers? Not looking like moles and no subsurface tunnels along the grass. Too big for mole crickets?
I baited a couple of holes with coumadin (Kaput) in a plastic bait box next to hole. no bait was taken but ants are having a party.

The dirt mounds are always to one side of the hole like a gopher but mounds are only a couple of inches high and many have NO plug. Not horseshoe shaped.

Not crayfish as I live in a bone dry sandy area.

I am lost on this one.

Any help is appreciated.


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Levy County Florida about 4 years ago

Polly eades apple

My grandfather grew up on the sandefur farm on which this apple variety was a first found ad named. I am searching desperately for seedlings to plant on my Florida homestead if there are enough chill hours. It was grown commercially at Frank Street's orchard on US 41 Alt when I and my kids were growing up. Can you put me in touch with someone who knows something about this apple and can perhaps provide men with a graft or cutting? Marsha Evans


Levy County Florida almost 5 years ago

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