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epiphytic algae on staghorn fern leaf

There are brown spots arising on my staghorn fern leaves (i live in hot / humid North Florida).
I think they may be epiphytic algae.
How can I get rid of the algae and save my treasured staghorn?


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Leon County Florida about 6 years ago

Is Black Walnut profitable in Leon County, FL?

I am clearcutting about 50 acres of land of 104 which are growing pine. This is in Leon County, Florida. My son is interested in planting some of this in Black Walnut and I am wonndering if the climate here is potentially good. I am guessing even if I am too old to realize lumber harvest or perhaps even nut harvesting that the acreage planted would enhance the value of the land???


Leon County Florida almost 7 years ago

Avocado plant with brown patches

My one year old avocado plant has developed brown patches--the local nursery claimed fungus and recommend a copper fungicide. Not sure if this is helping.



Leon County Florida almost 5 years ago

What kind of vine is this?

Been trying to figure out what kind of vine this is to research care and growth.
Some leaves are dark green other have only green edges with either white or pink centers.


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Leon County Florida over 4 years ago

Fear of bees but want to grow food

Hello, I don't know a lot about growing herbs and vegetables. I have a ton of questions regarding bees and gardening. I am sorry for the amount of questions and writing. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me back. I have a crazy bad fear of bees. I don't go on my porch during the summer because I see more bees during that season. I'm trying to decide whether I should even invest in an herb and vegetable garden because I don't want the fruits of the labor to go to waste if I don't keep up with it because of bees being around. Any advice on which herbs and vegetables that won't attract any bees would be helpful in deciding which to do if I were to do it. I desire having fresh herbs and vegetables but I don't want to anger my husband if I don't go out to water them because of my fear of bees. Right now we have 4 hanging plants (no idea what they are, just found them growing on the sides of the house and pulled them as i wanted something to hang on our porch for looks wise). I have now passed on the duty of watering them to my poor husband these past few months as i've seen more bees around. Also, is there a particular number of months where bees are more active and come around? Is it true that bees aren't really around in winter time? Mind you, this is Florida winter we are talking about. So 40-60 degrees. I am outside more in winter because of my usual routine of staying indoors during summer not only because of heat but because of bees and other bugs. It would be helpful to know whether a self-watering system in a greenhouse would help me as I wouldn’t have to go out there as much then. Let’s say I build myself a small greenhouse and self-watering system…do the bees pollinate for only a certain period of plant growth or are they going to be around all the time? Like maybe I could stay away during a certain time period as they are doing their pollinating duties…but how does that fit into the time where the fruits of the planting can and should be pulled for use? Like I should stay away from the plants as soon as I put them in (not from seed. Not interested in that. These would be plants bought and repotted) because once the bees do their work that’s when the fruits/vegetables/leaves start coming in? Is that the sign that the bees are done with their work, when it actually gets closer to the time to pull the fruits? How does that all work? I’m not sure if I’m making sense. I assume I can’t start putting the plants in my garden during the colder months or towards the end of the colder months (so that bees aren’t around and the weather is more pleasant) and then I leave them basically alone until ready. I also assume I can’t expect much growth in winter versus summer unless there’s certain hardy vegetables that I could grow in winter instead…all because of my stupid fear of bees. Yeesh. I've never been stung but my mom is allergic and there's nothing wrong with me having a fear of being stung because it's rational to not want to be stung. However, I do know that I have a more intense fear of bees than most. I've played with the idea of buying a bee suit when mowing or when i want to work on the landscape in the future. However, gosh it would be hot. Thank you so much for your time. I greatly appreciate it. -Marie in Tallahassee, FL


Leon County Florida over 4 years ago

What is this?

Is this a Camellia plant?



Leon County Florida over 4 years ago


New zucchini not growing after ten weeks plants are only 10 inches high with little or no blooms. All male blooms. We see bees, we irrigate regularly. They are in raised beds, full sun. Should I pull them up and start again?


Leon County Florida 9 months ago

Are there any online beekeeping courses available now, or good references?

I want to get more educated on raising Bees for honey. Any references? U of M has a course online but not available right now. It was $25 now, will be free once online again.


Leon County Florida almost 7 years ago

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