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Grass analysis

I have 26 acres in Monticello, of beautiful looking grass (Argentinian bahia). I would like it hayed. The potential hayer wants to know its protein content. What do I do?


Jefferson County Florida over 5 years ago

squash - all male blossoms

My squash plants are thriving, but only have male blossoms. Why? I'm wondering about 2 reasons: 1. cool nights and a wet spring; and 2. - natural manore fertilizer causes a later cycle. What do you think?


Jefferson County Florida over 6 years ago

what does a oak tree borer worm look like

I have an oak tree approximately 15 years old & sap is pouring out of areas where I pruned some limbs last year. When I investigated the situation I found an infestation of small worms in the areas. They are approximately 1 inch long, black on their back, light tan underside, numerous tan legs & appears to havea back of armour plating. Can you help me to identify this pest? I'm in fear they may kill my tree soon. Thank you


Jefferson County Florida almost 5 years ago

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