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Tall Fescue Seeds

i live in south alabama and have an area that i plan to seed..first i am going to till the arae and mix in some charlyes compost....put the seeds in and cover with mirical soil....than water twice a day for 15 mins...does not get a lot of sun....will this grass grow through the summer?


Houston County Alabama 6 months ago

Can you tell me what kind of pepper this is?

I only have one plant. The peppers started out white and now as you can see most of them have some purple at the top. There seems to be no other color but purple. Would appreciate any help.



Houston County Alabama over 4 years ago

Killer hornet

I am 80% sure I found a killer hornet dead in my above ground garden. I have saved the insect in a plastic bag in Hope's of a confirmation. It will not let me upload my image


Houston County Alabama 11 months ago

Lizard control

Any suggestions for lizard control at my house?


Houston County Alabama almost 8 years ago

what will kill & get rid of these small german nymph roach

We have never had these before. All of sudden they are inside our house. We believe they came in from buying groceries from Wal-Mart Supercenter. Possibly from their potatoes? We have sprayed ortho home defense outside & inside our house, but they will not die. The other species of roaches die when they crawl across the sprayed barrier but not these.


Houston County Alabama over 4 years ago

Why should people want to make gardens and what's the benefit.

Why should people want to make gardens for a language project


Houston County Alabama over 5 years ago

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