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Unidentified vegetable

We have these growing wild near a bonfire pit in our back yard, we live in the middle of a swamp. We thought they were some kind of weed but someone said they may be tomatoes? Any help would be great!


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Jackson County Florida over 4 years ago

Is LongRange dewormer worth the extra cost for cow-calf operations?

Have there been university trials that compared the performance of beef cows and calves dewormed with Merial's LongRange as compared to traditional dewormers such as cydectin, Ivermectin, or Safeguard?


Jackson County Florida over 5 years ago

Can you please tell me what kind of bug this is. It was found in one of my...

Can you please tell me what kind of bug this is. It was found in one of my kids bedroom.



Jackson County Florida 11 months ago

need help identifying this tree

Can someone tell me what kind of tree this is? Found it growing against my fence line on my farm in north Florida.


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Jackson County Florida over 3 years ago

what kind of bug is this?

I think its a type of wasp but i have never seen one with the longer thorax and had hairlike threads coming out the back can you tell me??


Jackson County Florida over 7 years ago

Not really a question

Sitting on my porch i was looking up images of wasps to identify one . and i came across cow killer or velvet ant photo. Now i only discoverd them myself a couple years back. But the photo had joged my interest in what there size may range. All the sites i have visited only list them up to 3/4 of an inch. This struck me as odd because i had found and kept one almost 2 1/2 inches long and a friend of mine had one one probably 1 and 1/2 inches in length. There was no mistake that they were the velvet ant. And both were females. Both were cuaght in north florida jasper county to be exact. Is this uncomon of that species?


Jackson County Florida over 4 years ago

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