Indian River County, Florida

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please id

About 20 ft. tall.


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Indian River County Florida about 5 years ago

Can't ID in florida

trying to identify this shrubby plant at work. No fragrance. Seed head is soft vs thorny. Leaf is somewhat sandpapery. Stems have a red hue, but bark is grey to green.


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Indian River County Florida almost 5 years ago

New Basil plant ?

Only a couple weeks old ? Heat of summer in south florida. (August) Past plants have faired well in same location/pot. Any suggestions ...



Indian River County Florida 3 months ago

Brown recluse

Is this a brown recluse spider?



Indian River County Florida about 4 years ago

What is this plant?

I don't know what it is. I bought it in a pot but planted it in the ground.


Indian River County Florida about 4 years ago

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