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Huawei Valiant

"My huawei valiant shows error messages when I turn it on and it shuts off shortly after. It may be a virus, I don't know but the hard reset isn't even working. Even when I try to factory reset it when it is powered off , it says that it failed. Can you help?


Flagler County Florida almost 6 years ago

Live oak root system

Will the root system of a live oak with a 32 foot canopy damage a easement drain pipe that carries rain water. The drain pipe is 3 feet deep in the ground and 3 inches thick of concrete


Flagler County Florida almost 5 years ago

Creepy crawly bugs on my bougainvilles

I have been noticing what looks like a centipede-type insect on my bougainvilles. Thay are gold/orange in color and have black legs. They appeared just in the last two weeks. I have the spray, Sevin, but I don't know if that would be appropriate. Some advice, please.


Flagler County Florida over 4 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

We are trying to identify what kind of squash this is.


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Flagler County Florida about 1 year ago

large bulb of cactus

My ? Is about the tall cactus with the large bulb on top. Should I cut the top off and transplant into another pot? Do you know why this happened?



Flagler County Florida over 4 years ago

What is this?

Just bought a house in Flager Co Florida and this is growing in my front flower bed. It is about 5 foot tall.


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Flagler County Florida over 4 years ago

Flea n tick meds not protecting

My chi i(dog) is on mo flea n tic meds but has what looks like poppy seads in his fur he also is itching and he looks wildly around and jumps like something is there in his bed or on him . I have washed all his things n bathed him, that's when i founc the little blk seeds. How can i get rid of them ? Why isnt the flea m tick meds working?


Flagler County Florida over 1 year ago

growing ostrich fern

Has anyone grown ostrich fern commercially. I would appreciate any information or contacts.


Flagler County Florida over 5 years ago

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