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Lawn weed

This weed seems to like the warm weather and the edge of the lawn? From what I can see, it looks like single leaves sessiled to the stems. Thanks
I was told to compare this plant to Silver leaf Desmodium, but the plant I have seems to only have single leaves on the stem and not leaflets like the Desmodium? The color of the leaves looks right, but the arangement does not fit. Thanks


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Escambia County FL over 3 years ago

What is this plant?

this plant came up in my yard and it looked nice so I decided to see if it bloomed. It hasn't so far, but last night I was outside and noticed the leaves close in at night too. Never have seen this type of plant



Escambia County FL almost 5 years ago

A Laurel(?) problem

I moved into a house last December with an in ground vinyl pool surrounded by trees/bushes 7' apart, 7 feet from the pool and about 5 years old (they range from 5' to 12' high, average about 9') which we have not yet had positively identified. They were planted by the previous owner "for privacy" but not managed well. One nursery person who saw a branch said she thought it was cherry laurel but remained unsure. Most have had the bottom two or three feet cleared but many shoots arise. From December until today these plants have been having individual leaves turn red/reddish-orange and drop (the nursery person said from a fungus and recommended Fertilome Liquid Systemic Fungicide - Proplconazole 1.55%). We also had an insect infestation of tiny white hard structures near the leaf veins that housed a live organism. Our local extension lady advised use of horticultural oil and that worked. My questions:
1- What IS this plant?
2. Why are the leaves continuing to turn red and what can I do to remedy?
3. How should they be trained (hedge, topped, etc)
4. What kind of root system does it have and would it be expected to eventually intrude into the pool liner?
5. Essentially, what would you do with them if you lived here?
Thank you very much!
(I also have other photos)


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Escambia County FL almost 4 years ago


We have or had a spider problem first they were in the bed room three of them brown in color then two more by the front door there was clutter by the door they were behind it in the bed room there was a bed canopy over the bed. they were hiding in can you tell me if brown recluse will come in contact with humans or come near humans one came up the side of the couch before I killed it we also found a nest of sorts made of a glob of dust then a web of insects cacooned please help me I have the pictures if u need to see them


Escambia County FL about 4 years ago


Is this a form of holly?



Escambia County FL over 4 years ago

Prickly vines and torpedo grass have invaded my foundation shrubs.

I've been told "Crossbow" will kill them, but how do I apply to vines growing all over the bushes?


Escambia County FL 12 months ago

I live in Pensacola and just planted some small jacobinia plants, to find...

I live in Pensacola and just planted some small jacobinia plants, to find that they are being eaten....large holes in the few leaves that are growing during the evening hours. We've had tons of rain and even a very serious flood in my neighborhood, so there is much moisture in the ground. The plants are in moist soil, plus it is shady thus holding the moisture, so my guess is that slugs are chomping away....but have yet to catch them in their act after dark. First, I would like to know if it is indeed slugs or perhaps maybe an insect coming to dinner. I have a list of things to do if they are slugs, but would like to have that determination first. Can you advise? Thank you so much. Sandi Bush


Escambia County FL almost 6 years ago

Yellow leaves on my potted Daylily.

I live in NW Florida Panhandle area. And because we rent this home, I have my day lilies in planter pots. I water them daily unless it rains. But one of the plants' leaves are turning yellow. I put coffee grounds in the soil and mushroom compost but the leaves are still yellow. Please advise. Thanks, Ann Pendleton


Escambia County FL almost 5 years ago

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