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Phalaenopsis Health Analyses

hi, I got one question about the the Phalaenopsis plant I got, what is that whitish blemish line on the new leaf, I don't think it gotten any movement damage scar. Oh and according to these photos does it looks like Itll bloom soon the last time it fully bloomed with 2 spikes last December, do you think it'll send out an spike. I don't see any signs. Plus I'm trying to bloom it by putting this plant under Florescent light indoors. Does that work any good? I'll send photos. If you closely focus on the second photo you'll see a light blemish spot, I don't know what's causing this but it does has a bowl underneath which it will provides humidity. Any great help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Duval County Florida over 5 years ago

Unknown microscopic mite

Hello, I’ve been having a unknown microscopic mite problem for about 3 years now everyone in my house is infected and it’s gotten to the point where now it's an infestation in our home, in our clothes also our car. It feels like a mite that just constantly crawls on you , in your hair on your face around your mouth, in and around your nose, the corners of your eyes , eyebrows, eye lids, in your ears all over your legs and body. They are also on the floor and maybe the walls in my home. Itchy skin and bitting sensation is none stop. I work as a flight attendant so when I’m around other people and walking through the aisle I even see passengers scratch, there head and around there face it’s so embarrassing. They feel very light like a piece of dust, lent or a feather more like a spider. We have done almost everything to get these mites out we had extermination treatments more then 5 times bug bombs I’ve seen a dermatologist serval times changed our floor from carpet to hard wood you name it nothing worked. The only thing that we discovered that works for a few mins would be putting our bed sheets , covers and clothes pieces that we are going to wear in the dyer for 30 mins and also applying tea treen and spraying Kleen green to our body. I also noticed I have no welts and minimum rash on my skin. I’ve been suffering for a while I’ve isolated myself for so long because I don’t want anybody else being miserable from being around me I fell into a deep depression from this. I just can’t find any answers on to what this might be and how to get rid of it. I also know I’m not the only one in the world going through this it would be helpful to talk to others out there with similar problems to find a cure. Thanks for your time.

Duval County Florida over 2 years ago

new kazwan cherry dormancy , planted in december

new plant dormancy

Duval County Florida over 4 years ago

Mallard alone

There are less Mallards this year, but mostly this one lonely male up and down the lake. They are two other small groups of ducks, but has always been alone. Should and what can I do?


Duval County Florida over 3 years ago

What plant is this

I don't know what this is



Duval County Florida over 4 years ago

Soil quality of prospective small farm

I'm considering purchasing 50 acres in Caldwell County, TX that consist mostly of "Crockett gravelly fine sandy loam 1 to 5% slopes eroded" and "Crockett soil, 2 to 5% slopes eroded. The organic matter is listed as 1.25 percent in the top 8 inches.
Most of the data regarding these soils on Web Soil Survy seems negative to me. Then again, I'm very ignorant about these matters. I'd like to raise a few grass fed cattle and free ranging chickens on the land in the style of Joel Salatin. How can I find out if the soil is too poor or not the right type for my purposes? Can this type of soil be improved? Thanks for the help!


Duval County Florida almost 5 years ago

Species identification of green bush with tiny purple leaves

I'm trying to identify this species and also find out if it is toxic to dogs or chickens.



Duval County Florida almost 5 years ago

Hibiscus Wilt

I have a concern about my hibiscus red plant. The plant seems just fine, but every time it's in direct sunlight the leaves turn soft and droop. I do water the plant if the soil seems dry. Also there are not any pest problems except snails eating the leaves, but there is little damage except for holes on the leaves.


Duval County Florida over 5 years ago

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