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Sisters plant

Could you tell me what plant this is. Thank you


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Columbia County Florida about 5 years ago

Acre peas

For about 4 years I canned white acre peas without any problems. For the 2 years prior when I can them their seals have come undone. What could be happening? I have lost a bit of money and time in this process.


Columbia County Florida about 1 year ago


What kind of spider is this it was in my car?


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Columbia County Florida over 3 years ago

Worth having 3 cows on 6 acreas

Hello, was just given 6 acres of land and was trying to find a way to make some money off of it so it has positive cash flow into my pocket. Would it be worth it to have 3 cows or should I go with something else? Thanks Marc


Columbia County Florida over 1 year ago

Canning marinated pork.

I have raw pork shoulder pieces that I would like to can. If the meat is marinated first is safe to can? The marinade is 1/4 C of salt, 1/4 C of brown sugar in1quart of water. 1/3 to 1/2 lb. Pieces marinated for about 1hour.


Columbia County Florida over 1 year ago

Lungworm? In a goat

I believe my goat has lungworm. She has a rough coat and coughs aggressively about 4-6 times a day but has no other symptoms. Her friends show no symptoms at all. The only treatment I see recommended for lungworm is ivermectin, which has ceased to be effective in goats ( at least in FL ). Is there any other treatment available without a prescription?


Columbia County Florida about 5 years ago

Mystery plant

I have no clue what this is, help!


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Columbia County Florida over 4 years ago

smells like oregano

What is this?


Columbia County Florida about 4 years ago

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