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Meteorite or meteor'wrong?

I have found these rocks! Not sure what they are!?!


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Citrus County Florida over 1 year ago

Why are my healthy petunia plants not flowering?

I have healthy petunia plants growing in containers on my lanai in central Florida. Some of the plants are no longer producing flowers. Why is this?


Citrus County Florida almost 4 years ago

Plant id

This is a vine that is growing in my side yard, very prolific and covering brush piles and trees. I have handled it quite a few times and haven't had a rash like poison ivy or oak.


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Citrus County Florida over 4 years ago

aphids vs hydroponics

i run a small (32sq ft) hydroponic garden. tomatoes in one room, peppers and lettuce in the other (the living room). aphids are attacking my peppers. tried mixture of dawn and water spray. helped but not a lot. would like a systemic you can put in hydroponic solution. i will be eating the tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce if they survive. what do you suggest. i have also thought about sealing the gardens in plastic and letting off a raid fumigator for about 6 hours. i grew up in nw iowa


Citrus County Florida about 2 years ago

turned brown

I just ordered 6 and when they came in the top half was brown, they are about 12 inch height , what should i do ? they are an eastern red cedar


Citrus County Florida almost 4 years ago

What type bush is this..

I have a bush-tree like plant that I have no idea what it is...can you has grown to 7-8 feet leaves with yellow flowers...all summer it just had red leaves is now Oct and it now has flowers which are yellow..


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Citrus County Florida about 1 year ago

stink bug damage

is it safe for consumption? we do not sell we only use our produce for our own use, we need to know is it a health problem if we eat the vegetable. thank you e-mail- phone - 352 382 7643


Citrus County Florida over 4 years ago

I want to apply Admire 2F to containerized citrus.

I want to apply Admire 2F to containerized citrus. The label says 2.5 ml/ Cubic Feet of media container. How to figure out the amout per gallon of water. Admire is 21.4 % Ai and also says apply no more than 0.5 pounds of AI /acre. Thanks


Citrus County Florida almost 8 years ago

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