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Wet or dry conditions

Does corn grow better in fairly dry climates or wetter climates?


Brevard County Florida almost 3 years ago

List of FORBIDDEN Foods for Chickens

As a backyard chicken keeper of 12 hens one of my joys is to give them treats when I get home from work before I let them out to "free" range for an hour or so. After I had one of my girls get sick and die, I started to think about what I was feeding them and to my horror I had given them AVOCADO. I have several avocado trees as I also have a small fruit tree farm, and who would have thought they could be SO bad for hens! Is there a possibility that there could be a list posted that contains FORBIDDEN foods for chickens? That way people can avoid them when giving treats. From now on I keep an eye on my avocadoes and take care to pick up any when fallen on the ground and I also no longer compost them as the girls love the compost pile. Thank you so much for all the great info on your web site!


Brevard County Florida almost 6 years ago

Won't grow!

Hello, I have received two cuttings from a huge dragon fruit and they won't grow. I see plenty of roots. Both clippings keep trying to flower and the flowers die before maturity. What am I doing wrong?



Brevard County Florida 2 months ago

potted plant

What is this named?



Brevard County Florida over 4 years ago

What is this plant?

I found this plant all around my Canna Lillies. I'm new to this, I just bought a house which has an extensive garden and I would like to know which species are these.



Brevard County Florida over 4 years ago

Sevin, malathion for hibiscus

Nursery hibiscus I potted 1 month ago. Yelliw leaves were dropping and now buds. Thought might have been watering problem. I now water 2x/week till drains.Haven't seen thrips or gall midge. Saw your systemic advice. Sevin and malathion sprays effective as their labels say?


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Brevard County Florida over 1 year ago

What is this

What kind of plant is this



Brevard County Florida about 4 years ago

Junipers turning a pale green then turning brown.

I have four large beds of junipers that are affected. How do I treat them. Please, I hope you can help me. Thanking you in advance for you advice.


Brevard County Florida over 2 years ago

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