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Scat anyone?

Is there any department at the cooperative extension that could positively identify some scat that I found inside a building?


New Castle County Delaware wildlife about 2 years ago

Fruit Tree Spray Mixing

I have a second question similar to my last one. I also want to mix in a pesticide (with the Pristine fungicide) It is Warrior II. I am trying to mix 100 gals. at a rate of 2 oz/ Acre. I am spraying large old apples as well as younger ones and they are spread out over 350 acres. My old products gave me rates per 100 gal but now labels seem to give rates / acre. How do I mix when I'm adjusting my hydraulic sprayer psi for large standard trees as well as semi-dwarf ones to try to spray to the point of run-off? In some cases I just want to mix a 5 gal back-pack sprayer and need to know rates for spot sprays not per acre.

New Castle County Delaware over 3 years ago

Where do all the deak squirrels go?

I never see dead bodies.

New Castle County Delaware over 3 years ago

ailing cleveland pear tree and oak tree

ailing cleveland pear tree and oak tree

New Castle County Delaware about 4 years ago

Community Garden Service Day

To give a brief introduction, I am working with the Edgemoor Revitalization Co-op and a University of Delaware graduate student on developing a community garden. We are in the initial stage of preparing the land for planting and cultivation. We have a strong core of people interested in this task, but we are falling short of having enough supplies to accomplish this task. We have created a list of supplies and duties, but would love an opportunity to seek some advice from someone who has a bit more knowledge of a project like this. I appreciate any feedback you can offer. Please feel free to contact me at 302-535-2100.

New Castle County Delaware gardening community garden garden over 5 years ago

deer tick

Does a deer tick ever have a white spot?

New Castle County Delaware ticks deer ticks about 6 years ago

Weigelia spots

The weigelia bushes have spots. Picture below. What should I do?



New Castle County Delaware disease weigelia leafspot fungus 18 days ago

mulch for vegetable garden

I have always used salt hay (marsh hay) to mulch around my vegetable plants for years. It doesn't germinate and lightens the soil but really keeps the weeds down. My question is can you tell me where I can buy marsh hay now that Alexander's in Newark closed and NO ONE else seems to have it. If not, can you tell me what to use as mulch, other than grass clippings, for a 15' square vegetable garden.


New Castle County Delaware soil mulch soil testing vegetable garden vegetable gardening over 1 year ago

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