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Identify plant

Please tell me what is the name of this plant,thank you


Kent County Delaware about 4 years ago

raspberry wilting

some of my raspberries are starting out looking healthy but then suddenly they start wilting and die. What's wrong and what can I do about it? Thank you

Kent County Delaware over 4 years ago

name of flower

I was given this plant a few years ago. It blooms most of the summer, long necks of white flowers. It spreads by itself.


Kent County Delaware over 7 years ago

Stain removal

How to remove automobile oil spot from asphalt driveway. Spot has been on driveway for more than a year


Kent County Delaware over 1 year ago

Mystery plant

This tree or Bush has been growing in my flower bed for a few years. It's a slow growing plant with red leaf stems and grayish bark


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Kent County Delaware about 4 years ago


is sea salt healthier than iodized


Kent County Delaware over 7 years ago

Plants and Septic drain fields

We recently moved from Virginia where the VCE has a handout regarding growing on drain fields. I was not able to find a similar document on the Delaware CE site. Where could we find guidance/recommendations for growing/not growing (specifically veggies that fruit above ground) on top of a leach field? Thanks! Larry


Kent County Delaware about 7 years ago

locating an expert pruner

We have a few new tress that were just planted. Two Crape Mrytle and a Service Berry. They all need pruning...the Mrytles need some serious remedial/corrective pruning ! We need names/numbers/etc. of contacts who perform this work. (Is there someone within the DE forestry Dept. ?)


Kent County Delaware over 3 years ago

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