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Planting and maintaining Native Plum trees purchased through NRCS

We are wanting to purchase Native Plum trees through the NRCS. How big do they get? How far apart should we plant them ? How often do they need fertilizer ?


Weston County Wyoming about 7 years ago

Planting Rocky Mountain Junipers

We will be getting Rocky Mountain Junipers from the NRCS. How far apart should they be planted ? Should we fertilize them ?


Weston County Wyoming about 7 years ago

A crabapple tree that died back but has two new branches growing just above the graft.

The question is which branch to cut off in Feb.or March and which should I let grow. One is a single branch a little off center above the graft and the other is more centered but has a branch off the side of it maybe 4 to 5 inches from the old tree start point above the graft. So which one should I let continue to grow? I could email a picture of it. I live in Newcastle, WY.


Weston County Wyoming over 4 years ago

What plant is it?

Found a viney weed, pinnate leaves with grape-like berries that lay on the ground. My parents know it by “Buffalo berry”, but googling that name comes up with something different. What is it?



Weston County Wyoming almost 2 years ago

Plant ID?

Is this ground plum milkvetch? My parents ranch is right on the border with Wyoming and they do all their shopping in Newcastle. Wondering if it is edible or toxic fruit? Its in a horse pasture.



Weston County Wyoming almost 7 years ago

Brown/dead leaf tips

I have a Peace Plant that has brown/dying tips on the leaves. What is causing this. I water every three days, soil at that time is dry. Also use indoor plant food.


Weston County Wyoming about 4 years ago

Hot weather mites

Do you have some suggestions on ridding myself of the two spotted mite? It has destroyed my beans, cucumbers and watermelon in my greenhouse and now are affecting my beans, zucchini, and starting on the cucumbers in our outside garden. I have identified the mite with a 15x lens. I have tried multiple treatments including insecticidal soaps, heaving spraying of water daily, and even MiteX spray. Still they persist. Any help will be welcomed


Weston County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

Weed Identification

The attached 12" shrub is spring up along a disturbed area in a pasture. Can you identify it. I could not find it in Weed of the West. I have further photos of closeups and the full plant.



Weston County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

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