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We have purchased a bobcat from Montana. Now I have been researching and found the only way to own a bobcat in Wy. is when it is for educational reasons. We are in the process of building an outside place for it with a large sized shed and 6 ft. fencing. It will be an indoor cat. What can we do to get a license for this cat and make it legal to own it. We have already purchased and the kitten will be ready for pick up at the end of this month or the first week of August. It is coming Montana. I also need to know the law about crossing the state line with this cat. Please answer soon, we realize we are making at least a 25 year commitment with this cat and know it eats about pound of meat a day and all its dietary needs. Thank you. and our phone number is 347-3124


Washakie County Wyoming about 4 years ago

biological alfalfa weevil control

Hello, I am a graduate of UW, and I had a number of entomology classes, good stuff. I am a cattle rancher and we farm a couple hundred acres of alfalfa/pasture. Im interested in trying to boost my biological control of weevil. Ive read that the Bathyplectes wasps, may be my best bet. Do you know of any other options? And d o you have any ideas on where I could purchase a large quantity of weevil weapons.


Washakie County Wyoming over 4 years ago

Weed Identification

Can you please help us identify this weed? We found it in our pasture growing by a power pole. Our goats did not eat it so we are wondering if it is poisonous?



Washakie County Wyoming plant identification about 3 years ago

Vegetable varieties

What variety tomato grows best in the Worland area.


Washakie County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Fruit Tree Varieties

What varieties (apple/pear/cherry, etc.)are good for my area?


Washakie County Wyoming over 6 years ago

Microwaving water

I recently was told that microwaving water, rather than heating on a stove, is dangerous and has cancer causing properties. Is this true? Janet


Washakie County Wyoming over 1 year ago


We live in Washakie Co. on West River Road. We've been wondering what to do to help our grass, plants and bushes in such rocky, clay soil. We've put sulfer on them this year. Is there anything else we can do?


Washakie County Wyoming about 5 years ago

Sick Blue Spruce

We have a Washakie County resident with sick Blue Spruce trees. She claims that the damage is primarily on the South east side of the trees. We thought it might be sunscald, but there are spots look a bit like a gall on the ends of the branches. There are several photos attached. Your opinion and treatment would be much appreciated. Becky Davis Washakie County Conservation District



Washakie County Wyoming trees and shrubs horticulture over 5 years ago

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