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Master gardener

Is there a master gardener program available in Evanston


Uinta County Wyoming about 3 years ago

Dethatching, Aeration, or Both?

We put in sod last summer that looked beautiful all season (Kentucky Bluegrass). This spring, we've watched our neighbors' lawns green, yet ours is still mostly brown. I read on the Internet about de-thatching and had my husband rake out a small area. The raking revealed little green blades beneath the thick, brown grass. This made me think we needed someone to come dethatch the whole yard with a machine. I also read, however, that de-thatching can be overly harsh to lawns and that simply aerating would be a better option. A friend told me water, fertilizer, and a good mow was all we'd need rather than aerating and de-thatching. We put on fertilizer a day ago and watered a little bit, but haven't turned our sprinklers on yet for fear of freezing the pipes. What would be the best way to go about saving our lawn? Thanks for the help.


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Uinta County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Is it safe to plant edible plants and fruit trees in the area where railroad ties used to be?

We have several railroad ties that have been in the yard for about 5 years. We are taking them out now. Is it safe to plant edible plants and fruit trees in the area where the railroad ties used to be? Do I need to get the soil tested? The trees would be planted about 2 feet from where the ties were.


Uinta County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Rasberry (Rubus Idaeus) won't flower or produce berries.

I have raspberry bushes I planted 4 years ago. They are big healthy bushes and are sending out new bushes, but have never flowered or produced fruit. I had the soil tested and it came back with a ph of 8.2. The testing only recommended adding some fertilizer with nitrogen twice a year. What can I add to lower the soil ph? And any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks CL


Uinta County Wyoming 11 months ago

dc to dc charge controler

is there such thing as a 12v DC to 12v DC or 12v DC to 24v DC 3 phase charge controller that can handle 125 or 250 amps?

I'm setting up an off grid system with deep cycle batteries and a 2000 or 4000 watt DC generator, but i want the batteries to last so i want a charge controller to protect them. but all of the charge controllers I've found run off of AC not DC.


Uinta County Wyoming about 5 years ago

Soil Temperatures

I wanted to know if there are published reports on historical soil temperatures at different depths and different times of the year. For Example, March 2002, 2' depth, 48 degrees. Generally looking in the Evanston, WY area, but if it is only in certain places, I might be able to get a general idea. Thank you


Uinta County Wyoming over 3 years ago

Voles in my lawn.

The snow has melted and my lawn is full of tunnels.


Uinta County Wyoming about 6 years ago


I planted tulip bulbs in the fall, and my neighbors have told me it was a big mistake because we have 11-12 deer foraging in our neighborhood. They said they will eat the tulips when they bloom. I have spent a lot of money on my garden. If it was legal, I would shoot the deer. I have never hunted because I can't kill an animal, but I would make an exception. I have 2 questions. First, what can I do to keep the deer away? Two, is it legal to shoot deer with air guns, Just to get them to stay away?


Uinta County Wyoming over 4 years ago

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