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Rosebush fungus

My rosebushes have a mossy looking growth everywhere. Any idea what what it is or how to cure it?


Teton County Wyoming almost 6 years ago

Aspen Tree Blight

My aspen tree is leaking a brown fluid from the joint where the limb joins the trunk. This blight is affecting other aspens in the Alta WY area. Do you have suggestions on how to treat this blight? (I live in Alta - west side of Tetons, Teton County Wyoming)



Teton County Wyoming about 5 years ago


I have just moved here from New York City. My traditional holiday BREAD is raw in the center after it is baked. How can I prevent this? I appreciate any assistance you can give me.


Teton County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

Soil content over time

Hello, I'm writing from Teton County Library in Jackson Hole. A question on agricultural soil studies is stumping us; I think there must be a simple resource available but we've been overwhelmed maneuvering the amount of information out there, and how much of it is highly technical. We are looking for information on mineral content in farm soil over time, specifically Zinc, Titanium, Copper, Boron, Sulfur, Magnesium. Preferably locally or nationally, charts would be ideal. I'm hoping you- might have some advice about where to access this data. Any ideas? Thank you for your time! Marisa Research Desk Teton County Library


Teton County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

Aspen Trees

The leaves on my aspen trees have a large black spot. Any ideas what is happening and how I should treat it.



Teton County Wyoming about 6 years ago

Type of plant

Not sure what this interesting plant is. Found on high way 14. Between Yellowstone & Cod



Teton County Wyoming almost 7 years ago

What can we do about the cluster flies that are infesting our home in Wyoming?

We have a vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It is a log cabin, built around 1984 with a recent addition in 2012. We have noted a fly problem in this house since we purchased it in 2004. A pest control person who lives and works in the valley has told us that these are "cluster flies" that apparently live outside but find ways into homes when it gets colder. With log cabins, they just follow warm air currents inside. They cluster around windows on warm days, so we are often left with a pile of dead flies on the floor in front of the windows which we are continually vacuuming up. We were hoping this wouldn't be a problem with the "new addition" part of the home since it would be "tighter," but the flies are in this area too. Do you have any suggestions? Our pest control person said they just hibernate in the house and since there is nothing for them to eat (their main food source is from out of doors...pollen, etc.), they expend their energy buzzing around the windows until they die.


Teton County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Last Killing frost?

Do you have the average last killing frost Date for Teton County? If not do you know of a resource for growing info and data for this area?


Teton County Wyoming about 6 years ago

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