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caterpillar species

Can you please identify this caterpillar species for the WGFD in Green River? Thank you



Sweetwater County Wyoming about 6 years ago

rocks as mulch for trees

I was told that using big rocks (softball to half a bowling ball size) as mulch around pines and spruces could actually harm the roots by increasing the temperature of the soil. Is there a publication that supports that?


Sweetwater County Wyoming about 1 year ago

pruning a shrub rose

I'm helping a friend clean up an old, overgrown, neglected flower bed. There are a couple of almost dead rose bushes(shrub type I believe) I'd like to prune now (Aug-Sept). There is a lot of dead dry canes but it appears it did bloom this year. Is it okay to prune back the dead stuff and, if so, how close to the ground can I cut? Should we fertilize now or wait till Spring? Thanks for your help.


Sweetwater County Wyoming trees and shrubs roses horticulture about 6 years ago


I live in Superior, WY - elevation aprox 6,750 ft - zone 3/4 - 30 miles east of Rock Springs. My question - what type of raspberries are best suited for my area?


Sweetwater County Wyoming raspberries cold hardy raspberries raspberry production almost 2 years ago

Lumpy Lawn

My lawn is beautiful but when you walk on it, it has all these bumps. It started on the east side of my yard, which I thought was just the environment but now it's even on the west side of the lawn. I have no problems with my plants just a lumpy lawn.


Sweetwater County Wyoming about 4 years ago

Hunting Program & Wildlife Program

I would like to know more about these programs to offer them to our 4H group. Is it possible to gain your hunter safety certification though either of these programs in 4H


Sweetwater County Wyoming 4-h almost 6 years ago

Tree identification

I have this tree in my yard and I have never seen anything like it and would appreciate any information you can help me with. I am not sure if it is supposed to look like this or if it has some kind of disease.



Sweetwater County Wyoming about 1 year ago


Is this a hollyhock in the Malvaceae family?


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Sweetwater County Wyoming plant identification flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials almost 4 years ago

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