Sublette County, Wyoming

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Name That Insect

On my walk today, I saw an insect or moth that just escaped its chrysalis. It was about an inch long, had light green, transparent, veined wings and two dark spots on its thorax that looked like eyes. Can someone identify it for me? Thank you. Charmian McLellan, Boulder Lake, WY


Sublette County Wyoming about 4 years ago

eliminating voles

I've tried about everything to get rid of voles.right now I;m using a poison designed for voles,and it appears that they eat it but isn't eliminating them by any you know of another method,or perhaps a poison that works the best?


Sublette County Wyoming about 7 years ago

Propagating Roses

A friend gave me a rose. Where the thorns were removed it is growing. Can this be planted some way to grow? I have heard of planting it sideways with a jar over it. Also, I am in Pinedale at 7100 ft elevation.


Sublette County Wyoming about 6 years ago

What is this extension for?

I am currently attending the University of Wyoming, and don't get me wrong it is great and all but I heard about this extension and was wondering what it is exactly? Is it possible that I could continue my education here at UW from home? Using online classes perhaps? I am from Sublette County so it struck my interest. Like I said don't get me wrong I like UW and everything but I just really miss home, and would feel more comfortable completing my education there.


Sublette County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

gluten free bread baking at 7256 ft?

what adjustment to the recipe are needed at 7256ft


Sublette County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

What kind of grass is this

I had assumed this grass was crabgrass but everything I have used to spray on this type of grass does not kill it, could you give me any advice on how to get rid of this in my yard.



Sublette County Wyoming almost 4 years ago

Sugar maples in Wyoming?

Can I grow sugar maples in Pinedale, Wyoming with the point being to produce small batches of maple syrup?


Sublette County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

Who gets my stuff program

How do I get the info presented at the recent program "Who Gets My Good Stuff" and learn what was presented. Friends told me it was in Sublette County recently. I'm sorry I missed the program and would like to attend if there is a next series or obtain the printed information available.


Sublette County Wyoming over 6 years ago

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