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I am very interested in obtaining books that would assist in anyway with homesteading. From animal husbandry to food preservation. If there are any books that I should have or that you would recommend your input would be greatly appreciated.


Sheridan County Wyoming almost 5 years ago

We have a black fungus growing on our Ornamental flowering cherry trees....

We have a black fungus growing on our Ornamental flowering cherry trees. Photo attached. I cut the fungus out, but want to know if there is a way to treat the tree so they don't reappear and what can I do to prevent it in the future?



Sheridan County Wyoming trees and shrubs disease issues horticulture over 4 years ago

Last freeze dates

Can you give me the last freeze dates for Sheridan County in the last 5 years? I am looking ahead and planning my garden and dates to start seeds indoors.


Sheridan County Wyoming horticulture over 5 years ago

Asters' yellows virus

I love all the new Echinacea hybrids but I can't afford loss to the asters yellow virus. It is apparently transmitted by the leaf hopper. I would like to apply something nasty to the plants so that the hopper isn't tempted to sample but not affect the bees. Any suggestions? Thank you.


Sheridan County Wyoming over 5 years ago

Shade bush recommendation

What small (6' or, less)) bush would you recommend planting on the north side of a house? Any options that flower?


Sheridan County Wyoming over 3 years ago

Weeping Birch

Is there any treatment for weeping birch trees that appear to be dying from the top down? I have noticed all of these trees (young and old) are dying the same way this spring (on my block and in several Sheridan locations). I would really love to try and save them. Any information would be appreciated.


Sheridan County Wyoming about 5 years ago

Hard to identify

I was given a start of this plant. It looks like it wants to be a vine. I'm not sure how to care for it so it will grow better.


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Sheridan County Wyoming about 3 years ago

garden pests

I have on my new growth peas small holes showing up. I do not see anything. What might they be?


Sheridan County Wyoming over 4 years ago

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